I took up the Bodhran many years ago, when I was going to folk festivals. I learnt basic rhythms, but nothing fancy. I know enough to be able to join in with most things.
I started ukulele two years ago after watching a TED lecture where he had mastered a few three chord songs in a month. I find it difficult as I have a problem with my hands and, after a few hundred hours of practice, I've probably reached my limit due to this restriction. That said, I can do an impresive amount of songs.
Most of all, I picking up instruments for my own enjoyment so I'll never stop mucking about. There are a selection of me singing and playing on my YouTube channel.
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Some songs
King of the Road
Blowing in the Wind
It Must Be Love
Folsom Prison Blues
Urban Spaceman
Sloop John B
Golden Brown
Oh Boy!
Bad Moon Rising
Blue Velvet
All My Loving
Bright Side
Ain't No Sunshine
Man On The Moon
Close To Me