Born in 1963, I grew up in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, U.K. I dropped out of school and only obtained 5 'O' levels. I got myself back on track five years later when I went to college at Brighton Polytechnic studying Mathematics and Computing. My son, Karl Sebastian Hopkinson-Turrell, was born during that time. I graduated witha 2.1. and started a career in computing.
I was full-time for a few years and then went contracting. When I was 40 the bottom fell out of the market and I went back to full-time. While I lived in Devon, I was made redundant and decided to take a year off and do a Masters degree in Autonomous System, for which I received a merit.
I continued with my career and now work for a small chemistry research and development company as Project Manager, but it's still very hands on and I code in C++ /Windows daily.
Outside of work I like to go out to live music and events around Brighton, where I live. My hobbies (which you can read about on this website) are a contrast to the logic side of my work. Over the past few years  I've been doing Pilates and meditation.
I have a lot of time free outside of work hours and have a drive to do something to help people. I've been involved in several projects in Brighton to feed the homeless and redistribute waste food and creative projects to enhance the  community. I have several more things I'm exploring in this respect.
I expect I'll be starting lots of new interests and activities in the coming year.